About CyberWatcher

CyberWatcher is a small, innovative provider of technology and infrastructure within search and content aggregation. Since the start-up in 1999, the company has received several awards for its innovative solutions.

The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, has branch offices in Sweden and the UK and runs a source editor team in Poland. In addition, CyberWatcher has partners in 15 countries - mainly in Europe, but the network also reaches out to North-America, Asia and Africa.

The vision of CyberWatcher is to enhance the competitiveness of corporations through utilizing openly accessible information from the web. Areas of use include Risk Management, Sales Intelligence and Market Intelligence.

CyberWatcher represents a unique infrastructure with an archive of more than 500 million market updates indexed back to 2003. The company has a current coverage of more than 60 000 online sources in 160 countries. It supports feed outputs in more than 40 languages, making it the #1 source coverage in Europe and #2 on a global level.

The core elements driving our unique position are:

1. Cloud based News and Social Media crawler - shared and for hire with no requirements for local installation

2. Global source library with metadata, structured according to location, importance, channel and industry

3. Historical index from 2003 onwards, for filtering and analysis

4. Web applications for end-users, such as dashboard portals as well as integration tools (e.g. CRM)

5. Output in an enriched XML format, which allows for structured analysis - this enables services such as our semantic Corporate News Directory (CND) for Risk Management and early warning.


CyberWatcher has developed the CND based upon more than 10 years of experience with credit agencies, as well as a dedicated search engine - specifically developed for searching news - to structure and detect bankruptcy and sales opportunities. The CND was awarded with the European Gold Seal of e-Excellence in 2010 for its documented ability to detect early warning signals within risk, fraud and bankruptcy. The index covers up to 50 000 top corporations per country.

CyberWatcher delivers cntinuous updates to more than 20 000 corporations and end-users. Most of them are using the service through partners and CyberWatcher customers. Some key customers are ThomsonReuters, Bisnode, Creditsafe, Spotter and Global Intelligence Alliance


Updatum - be the first to know


Updatum is our subsidiary brand delivering research, analysis and monitoring services based upon CyberWatcher technology and some other, similar vendors. Updatum provides a full service concept by combining media monitoring software with human-based research and analysis. The company has established a valuable partner network throughout Europe.


The corporate environment has evolved from a realm of static, limited data warehouses to a world of increasing volume of information streaming from various sources in real-time. Thus, it is imperative for most organizations to adopt technologies that can turn raw unstructured data into true intelligence with limited human interaction.


CyberWatcher target market consists of vendors of business information services, which according to Outsell is a $400B industry (2008). However, the Search, Aggregation and Syndication market which accounted for 12% of the buiness information market was anticipated to be the second fastest growing segment for 2009-2012 with a CAGR of 8.2%.

Based on Greytness by Adammer™ / All photographs by Kai Fischer
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